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Track 7 from Ésk's debut album, Epsilon Sigma Kappa


Again, I'm sorry I know this will come off a bit rude
But my veins and esophagus are ready to tell the truth
For now is the time to finally let heal and let sooth
Because I became the bitterest of sad depressed prudes
As I was starting to ball/bawl up like a coward and cry like a mange
My dreams were ruined, they began to dry and estrange
Sobbing over the loss of my once-golden hands
My eyes became daft and feeble like the sand
Underneath my feet when OCD kicked and kicked in
When OCD kicked and kicked in
Tongue-tied and oh so feverish
I think of all the things that have lead me to this season/reason
For now I can't seem to keep on keeping on
The speaking of the spleen that keeps seeping on

Now I can't seem to keep on keeping on
The speaking of the spleen that keeps seeping on
Whenever you break it to me that we need a break because
Our hearts keep shaking but mine's the only one to take the hint
That there is something more than what I thought 'cause
You wanted the shackles free when I just needed to breathe
In and out... (like a paraphernalia spout)
With the junkies that stand erect and stout
Unlike my soul that had been ravished throughout the thrice of time
That was always supposed to be truly only mine
But guess what? It wasn't, it was for you and for we
Can't you see that the guts and the nuts and the bolts I spilt
Were for us three?
Time was aroused but wasted so in turn it wasted me
shattering all of my golden and swollen dreams

Break down this Summer bore with me
Screw it! Just let me see and be because
My skeletal frame was getting tested and queasy
For now I just ride around thinking about how I can't even get a digit
Because you stole my soul's bravado, you thrashed it and zipped it
My appendages were two too few to carry our gravity
So I became a lone ghost, numb and salivary
And I craved more than this beautiful plate and that became the issue
Whenever we had nothing left but scathed tissues but
I'll wipe away the tears and the fears that were left unnoticed
With all the migraines and pains that were left dead and ghosted
As the real time reel of time let's me come to the ground
I'll give myself and I'll give my Seven Pounds
Out to those who truly give a french about my organs, brains, and bones
I'll leave the thrice of us to know/no longer feel stupid, sad, or alone
Thank God and Allah you're out of my once-hollow chest
For you were draining more than once me and twice my zest

You stole my soul and then my home
I'm taking it back, I'm taking it all back
Through the floor, my ghost restored
I'm taking it back, I'm taking it all back


from Epsilon Sigma Kappa, released March 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Ésk Orlando, Florida

Ésk is a multi-genre progressive band from Orlando, FL. With many influences from their musical histories, Ésk seeks to create sounds never before imagined or savored.

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